Next Meeting Agenda


Naseby Parish Council Meeting

5th October 2017



Chairman: Councillor Scott Westaway

Clerk: Katrina Jones,


To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Naseby Parish Council at the Village Hall in the Committee Room on Thursday 5th October 2017 at 7.45pm for the purpose of transacting the business detailed below. Members of the public & press are invited to attend. Should anybody have difficulties in negotiating the stairs please contact the Clerk who will re-arrange the venue.


92. Apologies for Absence


93. To Confirm Minutes of Meeting: held on 7th September 2017.


94. Declarations of Interest


95. Public Participation


96. To Consider Grant Application from Naseby Primary Academy.


97. To Consider Request for 80 Contribution to Village Tree Lighting


98. To Consider Request for 50 Contribution to Autumn Village Pride


99. To Consider and Agree Response to Letter from Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board Concerning Lauren Mansfield and Road Safety.


100. To Discuss Arrangements for Neighbourhood Plan Meeting.


101. Francis Jackson Development: Update on POS Adoption Agreement and to Approve Payment of Money on Account of Costs to Solicitors Instructed on Behalf of the Parish Council.


102. Francis Jackson Development: Update on Negotiations of s106 Bus Shelter Money.


103. To Agree Questionnaire for Village Strategic Plan


104. To Consider Complaint Regarding Play Area Matting


105. To Consider and Agree Paying a Contractor for Village Maintenance


106. To Consider Adopting an Editorial Policy for Naseby News


107. Speed Information Display Equipment Update


108. To Discuss and Note Metal Boxes on Church Street and Newlands.


109. To Consider Information and Costs Researched by Cllr Howat Regarding a Possible Parish Council Funded Visitor Information Board in the Village.


110. To Agree October Mowing Cuts


111. To Review Parish Council Training


112. To Appoint and Agree Terms of Reference for Parish Council Finance/Budget Advisory Group


113. Resignation of Cllr Hillyer and To Appoint a Village Hall Representative


114. Planning matters:


a. Planning Application: DA/2017/0897: 1, Ivydene Court, Naseby, Northamptonshire, NN6 6DU: Construction of front porch (revised scheme)


b. Tree Preservation Order TPO DA/493 2017 Naseby, Northamptonshire

115. Reports:


a. Highways

b. Street Lighting

c. Neighbourhood Watch

d. Village Hall Committee/Sports Court

e. Playground Inspection

f. Naseby Battlefield Project

g. Mowing

h. Trees and Footpaths

i. Friends of Naseby Play Area update

j. Defibrillator

k. Wind farm


116. Finance:


Bank Balance as at 5th September 2017 27,941.82


Less money ring fenced for projects:

Play Area Reserve 9,000.00

Sports Court Reserve 1,000.00

a. Receipts

Interest (31.08.17)


b. Payments for Approval:


i. Katrina Jones (Clerk salary and home use payment) September 2017


ii. Katrina Jones - reimbursement for paying printers (Omniprint) for Naseby News


iii. Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Ltd (invoices dated 31st August & 29th September 2017)


iv. HMRC (clerk income tax)


v. Village Hall Management Committee (room hire for September meeting)




117. AOB (Points of Information)


118. Next Meeting: Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 2nd November 2017.


Signed: KJones,

Katrina Jones, Clerk to Naseby Parish Council



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