Next Meeting Agenda

Naseby Parish Council Meeting

1st November 2018



Chairman: Cllr Paul Reedman

Clerk: Katrina Jones,

To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Naseby Parish Council at Naseby Village Hall, Haselbech Road, Naseby, in the Committee Room on Thursday 1st November 2018 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business detailed below. Members of the public & press are invited to attend. Should anybody have difficulties in negotiating the stairs please contact the Clerk who will re-arrange the venue.


141. Apologies for Absence


142. To Confirm Minutes of Meeting: held on 4th October 2018


143. Declarations of Interest


144. Public Participation


145. To Fill Parish Council Vacancy by Co-option


146. To Consider and Sign Agreement from Northamptonshire Highways for Parish Council to Adopt Grit Bin on School Lane, by School Entrance


147. To Agree and Sign Legal Documents (To Be Signed by Two Councillors and Witnessed by Clerk) Provided by Solicitors Regarding the Adoption of the Public Open Space on Cottesbroke Road Subject to Receipt of Section 106 Public Open Space (off site) Contribution, the Agreed Commuted Sum and the Undertaking Requested from Francis Jackson Homes Ltd


148. To Receive Update on Website from Cllr Howat


149. Village Hall Play Area Lease: Copy of the Heads of Terms Agreed by Village Hall Management Committee to be Signed on Behalf of the Parish Council. Signature Will Pass Responsibility Immediately to the Parish Council


150. To Consider Instructing Solicitors on Behalf of the Parish Council to Draft the Play Area Lease, Based on the Agreed Heads of Terms


151. Play Area Grant Applications and Scheme Update


152. To Receive Update on Opus Electricity Undercharging from Cllr Reedman


153. To Further Consider and Agree Any Action Regarding the Clearance of the Ash and Willow Tree Growth Surrounding the Obelisk


154. Consideration of Additional Works to Village Hall Playing Field Suggested by Maximow.


155. Consideration of 59 Bus Service to Market Harborough Following the

Receipt of Usage Figures for July, August and September 2018


156. To Receive Report on Defibrillator Regarding Minor Electrical Problem (earth strap detached from door) Which has Been Referred to the Electrical Engineer who Installed it. 


157. To Consider Request for Grant of 50 for Village Christmas Trail


158. To Consider Proposal for Little Library Project


159. To Consider Grant Request from Ducklings Preschool


160. Planning Matters:

a. DA/2018/0818: Naseby Sailing Club, Northampton Road, Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire, NN6 6JF: Demolition of former sailing club buildings and construction of four lodges for holiday accommodation

b. DA/2018/0882: Single storey extension to side and first floor extension to rear (revised scheme): The Firs, High Street, Naseby, Northamptonshire, NN6 6DD

c. DA/2018/0869: Formation of agricultural vehicle access: Land Off Cottesbrooke Road, Naseby, Northamptonshire

161. Reports:


a. Highways

b. Street Lighting

c. Neighbourhood Watch

d. Village Hall Committee/Sports Court

e. Playground Inspection

f. Naseby Battlefield Project

g. Mowing

h. Trees and Footpaths

i. Friends of Naseby Play Area update

j. Defibrillator

k. Wind farm

l. Website

m. Speed Information Display

n. Welcome Booklet


162. Finance:


Bank Balance on Bank Statement as at 2nd October 2018 59,464.85


Less money ring fenced for projects:

Play Area Reserve 12,000.00

Sports Court Reserve 1,000.00


a. Receipts




b. Payments for Approval:


i. Katrina Jones (Clerk salary and home use payment) November 2018 by Standing Order


ii. Maximow for mowing of Recreation Ground


iii. Opus (direct debit October 2018)


iv. Eon maintenance


v. Countrywide for mowing (September)


vi. Paul Reedman (Refund for purchase of 15 number 20kg rock salt bags for the School Lane salt bin)



vii. Methodist Church for electricity for defibrillator


viii. Katrina Jones reimbursement for 12 2nd class stamps



163. AOB (For Information Only)


164. To Note Next Meeting: Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 6th December 2018 at 7.30pm



Signed: KJones,

Katrina Jones, Clerk to Naseby Parish Council


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