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 Get involved at the library!


The library is a vibrant community hub for everyone to use and enjoy, but it needs your help! Did you know that lots of the community services above and beyond lending books rely on your support?

Our dedicated, selfless, and charming volunteers help to provide fun activities for families, local history clubs for research savvy bookworms, homework help for young people, business start up advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, rhymetime singing sessions for toddlers, job clubs for those on the hunt for a new career, and even help to keep the garden tidy.

 If you could help your library too, then come on, get involved! Ask at your library or go to:

On Wednesday 17th July at 7pm local radio 102.3HFM is coming to Naseby Village Hall to record the second in a series of 10 programmes called ‘Village Voices’. HFM is a local independent community radio station broadcasting to South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire with a listening audience of over 22,000. HFM is committed to serving their broadcasting area and help integrate our smaller communities and their people into a larger community network.

In 2011 102.3HFM started the first series which was a fantastic success and allowed our rural communities to share many aspects of village life. From history to local talent, wildlife and farming to local clubs, organisations and businesses, HFM invites all the villagers andfriendsof Naseby to come along on at 7pm on 17th July Young or elderly, as a participant or spectator, you are all welcome to come and meet HFM’s presenters and volunteers to listen and be amazed by the work your neighbours do for your area. The evening will be informal and relaxed with free refreshments for all and no charge for admission. The programme will be edited prior to broadcast on a date that will be announced on the night.  If you wish to know more you can log onto and listen to a repeat of ’Village Voices recorded in 2011. Or contact,Barbara Tabiner, /Mob:07743327101






Community Transport services and further information can be found at;

Green Ideas

New energy saving website launched 



Social Housing

To get onto the housing register you will need to contact Daventry District Council, go onto the register and bid through choice based lettings All those on the list can bid. HomeChoice @ Daventry is Daventry's choice-based lettings scheme, it allows applicants more choice over where they would like to live. Instead of being allocated a property by Daventry District Council, you will be able to register an interest in a property that suits your requirements. Firstly you will need to register with Homechoice @ Daventry by completing an

 application form.

Registered Providers (Housing Associations) allow us to advertise their properties that are due to be available, these are advertised on a weekly cycle. Advertising cycles begin on a Wednesday at 00:01am and close the following Tuesday 23:59pm. Please note that your bid is worth the same whether you bid on the first or last day of the cycle.

An information booklet will be sent to each applicant that has registered, this details what properties you are able to bid for, how to place a bid, and other useful information. You will also receive a letter that will tell you your login details, we ask you to keep this information in a safe place as you will need the information to place bids.

Visit to browse properties and register your interest once you have completed your registration.

The Localism Act 2011 has made a number of changes to the way in which social housing can be allocated.

 In light of this new legislation, Daventry District Council is currently reviewing its Allocations Policy.  














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